Backyard design idea: Zebra print complimenting your birch trees nursery

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Some might say “What can be more attractive in your yard or along a driveway than a clump of Birch trees?” Birches are one of the landscaper’s favorite trees because their white-trunks, and golden yellow leaves in Autumn are quite stunning, and in my opinion feed the designer’s imagination, offering patterns on which one can base a client’s home interior and exterior design.

Plant birches where they will be seen. Make your front yard a traffic stopper. Plan the trees along a driveway or fence line. Grow them in your backyard nursery – the adventure will earn profit for you and give pleasure to your eyes all year around. Birch trees grow fast, therefore can be a quite profitable choice (ask us for help in locating the supplier for you). And look how stunning the birches are not only outdoors but also as inspiration for your indoor décor. I was moved to include animal print patterns in the beautification plan for your nursery; choosing to match zebra with to your little birch forest. See some ideas below – we can together come up with many other design elements that would suit your budget.

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If you’re following our work, you might have learned by now that when designing (or managing the designs of) backyards to build small urban nurseries for our clients, I take a 360 degree design approach. I like to think not only about exterior – landscaping solutions for the yard, but also echo the character that your nursery communicates into the indoor areas of the home where plants and fixtures can be seen through windows, and your home looks and feels whole.

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Olga Kostrova

Managing Partner at YardVenture
Olga Kostrova, founder and Managing Partner of YardVenture. She is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, passionate about ideas that contribute to sustainable living. Design minded and business driven, she runs operation of the company and takes leading role in design projects, customer education and satisfaction.