The sneaky way to get luxury, professionally designed and installed landscaping that will cost you nothing

If you invested , let’s say, X dollar in new landscaping (design and installation) for your front- and backyard, and within a year or two you get 100% of investment back, with X dollar profit, then you can say you got it at no cost, right? Let me paint a picture for you. You wake […]

Solar swimming pool covers: winter enclosure – greenhouse in your yard

Need a pool cover? Get solar greenhouse in your yard installed around your pool. Winning combo: plant propagation area + a winter roof for your swimming pool! Imagine stepping out of your pool and into a paradise of plants and sounds that remind you of the best tropical vacation you ever had. A short walk […]

10 Key pricing & negotiation strategies on how to get the best price while selling a house

First, as in all negotiations, it is critical to accurately understand the needs versus the wants of both parties, Their motivations for buying and selling form the two sides to every negotiation between real estate buyer and seller. My rule number one is asking good,open-ended, probing questions which not only help me understand the client […]

Backyard design idea: Zebra print complimenting your birch trees nursery

Some might say “What can be more attractive in your yard or along a driveway than a clump of Birch trees?” Birches are one of the landscaper’s favorite trees because their white-trunks, and golden yellow leaves in Autumn are quite stunning, and in my opinion feed the designer’s imagination, offering patterns on which one can […]

Don’t invest until you see this listing AND learn this NEW 5 Step Formula on How To…

Looking to buy the right property? Don’t invest until you see this listing AND learn this NEW 5 Step Formula on How To: 1.   Buy Houses Cheaply 2.   Creatively Increase Their Value in A New Way 3.   Make Most Of Your Renovation Expenses Tax Deductible 4.   Position Them to Sell with High Profit Margins. We […]

Creative sustainable landscaping ideas to decorate your backyard nursery

So, you decided to take advantage of our alternative landscaping solution and start a plant nursery in your backyard? Your nursery doesn’t have to look boring. We want to make your garden look stunning to add a glow to the space where your plants will grow and to improve retail appeal of your front- or […]

Your next fundraising success story – increased donations for causes from donors’ yards

We have led, supported, consulted and spoken for a number of non-profit organizations during our careers, many while running SocialAgenda Media. Charity organizations are constantly challenged to increase donor contributions. After years of having sought ways to help non-profits be more entrepreneurial and take more control of their own destiny, we can offer them a […]