Maximizing economic incentives for sustainable living

Sustainable living can start right in your own backyard…

photo 1 (24)What’s happening is bigger than just your backyard yet the solutions to many of the big issues of our times can start there. The choices you make about how you use your yard space can result in:

• A more livable world now and in the future
• Healthier, happier families, neighborhoods and communities
• Inner peace, prosperity, personal growth

YardVenture is here to show you how to do it. We maximize economic incentives for sustainable living. We believe in people and that people want to do the right thing. So YardVenture helps people profit and thrive making sustainable choices for themselves, their children and grandchildren.

We believe that it is profoundly powerful to align one’s financial interests with the interests of the earth; and that the way we’re going to have a sane, healthy, beautiful thriving world is to align people’s economic interests with the interests of the planet.

We’ve never needed this more:

• California is in the middle of what might become its worst drought ever.
• There is a worldwide water crisis and more than a billion of the world’s people lack reliable access to clean, drinkable water.
• The nexus of water and energy and food will define our quality of life in this century

Finding and acting on economic incentives that encourage the right behaviors are at the heart of whether or not we’ll leave a habitable world for our children and grandchildren.

YardVenture finds ways to make sustainable lifestyle changes for the average homeowner, profitable and life enhancing.

Olga and I have been innovators our whole lives, in media, social and consumer technologies, business processes, citizen journalism, healing arts and in other areas. Today we’re bringing together experts in agriculture, horticulture, permaculture, gardening and landscape contracting and design to offer homeowners a chance to enjoy a healing hobby that offsets some of their landscaping and maintenance expenses and turn what was a liability into a profitable small business that offers benefits for their families, neighborhoods and communities.

Our team designs and creates profitable gardens, which fit into the local environment, avoid chemical intervention and are engineered to be one self-supporting ecosystem. We consider where the sun shines, how the rainwater flows and collects, the composition of the soil, where and how to create compost and other nutrients, so that every element of the property contributes to the landscape’s sustainability, beauty and productivity. We build solar greenhouses, grey water recycling systems. We teach how to conserve and share resources.

By adopting and applying these sustainability principles in our daily lives we can make the transition from being dependent consumers to becoming responsible producers. This journey builds skills and resilience at homes and local communities that will help us co-create a thriving future.

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Jan Hutchins

Jan Hutchins

Managing Partner at YardVenture
Jan Hutchins is co-founder and Managing Partner of YardVenture. After successful careers in media, sports, business and politics he is now a social entrepreneur and public speaker that advocates sustainable living. He leads community relations and business development for YardVenture, and enjoys watching his wife doing her design magic as together they turn underutilized backyards into profit centers for homeowners.