Creative sustainable landscaping ideas to decorate your backyard nursery

So, you decided to take advantage of our alternative landscaping solution and start a plant nursery in your backyard? Your nursery doesn’t have to look boring. We want to make your garden look stunning to add a glow to the space where your plants will grow and to improve retail appeal of your front- or backyard displays.

TODAY’S IDEA: Using stunning RECYCLED GLASS TILE for your garden’s paved areas, as well as patio furniture, raised beds, and pots…

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Mosaic lover? Why don’t we beautify your garden with antique (recycled) furniture decorated with mosaics made of beautiful recycled glass tile? We can source glass handmade by artisans in Northern California that’s 100% recycled. The glass comes in many stunning colors and we can match them with colors of flowering plants we together select for your backyard nursery, or the color of your eyes  :-) We can create new designs or pick a handmade mosaic art style that suits your fancy.

For example, say you would like to grow Bluebell flowers for sale from your nursery. You might then like us to install this beautiful art to make your patio floor (see below) stand out and compliment those plants. Let us me an antique blue garden fountain and planters with blue accent, and you have a mysterious garden with gorgeous domination by blue… See this YardVenture’s idea above.

Want more mosaic in your garden? Together we can be quite creative.


Glass tile is renowned for its versatility.  Because it is impervious to the effects of moisture, glass tile is a popular addition to pool surfaces, patio floors and as creative centerpieces in your nursery – on pots, fountains, waterfalls, etc.  They look lovely in outdoor settings. You can even use mosaic patterns on external walls.

Because glass tile is non-permeable, it is highly suitable for a surface which needs to resist moisture.  Additionally, glass tile is frost proof as well as being heat, fire, and UV resistant as well.  They’re also comfortable with sudden temperature changes.  In many ways, the addition of glass tile to an outdoor surface is one of the best means of protecting the overall structure of a property.


We can help your whole family to become educated on the use of glass tile in the design of your outdoor spaces to keep your nursery a wonder.  Arrange a garden craft making party – create unique pots or a top to give a lift to your old table that was laying there abandoned in your garage.  These workshops are available to YardVenture customers.


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Olga Kostrova

Managing Partner at YardVenture
Olga Kostrova, founder and Managing Partner of YardVenture. She is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, passionate about ideas that contribute to sustainable living. Design minded and business driven, she runs operation of the company and takes leading role in design projects, customer education and satisfaction.