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You became an agent to make money, have a flexible schedule, be creative and help people. YardVenture is a perfect partner for that plan. All you need to do when you see a home that would be hard to sell because of poor landscaping, is tell the homeowner about our work and unique alternative landscaping solution.

Using our lucrative urban backyard nursery model, your clients on both the buy and sell sides of the transaction are more likely to invest in good landscaping with because they now can:

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Top best landscaping pave paving paver stone design service residential landscaping company installation irrigation plants flowers trees  consulting san jose san francisco bay area northern california turn-key-nursery 16Reasons to recommend YardVenture to sell side clients:

You understand how much good landscaping impacts your ability to sell and get the best price for a home. We can provide relatively “instant” landscaping transformations to match your interior staging. The landscaping is the basis for a home business that can become part of the sale.

Recommend YardVenture to buy side clients:

You can now sell more homes with potential, but limited by a poor exterior. Buyers can create immediate upgrades to their new homes with a yard venture nursery and offset landscaping investments and maintenance costs going forward. The lucrative nursery becomes an asset and attractive feature that creates learning and quality time for the whole family.

If your client is a real estate investor, you might benefit from reading our guide 5 Step Formula to Buy Cheap, Increase Value, Write Off Renovation Expenses & Sell High. Make sure you let us know about any properties you represent that match the criteria specified in the guide.

There are other benefits for you as a real estate agent; let’s discuss it when you are ready…

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