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Olga Kostrova and Jan Hutchins pose as citizens of the world with our passports stamped with accomplishments in entrepreneurship, media, politics, management, marketing, technology, design, healing and transformational arts.
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But we are really just a couple of farm kids who woke up one day and found ourselves sitting behind computers and living in the heart Silicon Valley. Visionaries, thought leaders, rainmakers, we’ve tasted fame (and all the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with it); we’ve made money, lost money, made “IT” again… and observed the cycle of busy, stressful urban life in pursuit of “success” goes on and on. Only now, there is no more pursuit. Life is right here and right now, in all its glory and with all its pitfalls – it’s simply magnificent “as is”.

A recent 3 month consulting assignment in Central America and previous charity work in rural Nepal reminded us of the beauty of low-tech life we both loved in childhood (Olga’s in Ukraine, Jan’s in Ohio) and we decided to found YardVenture,  a business that allows us to share the sweetness of a life connected to nature, and fulfill our wedding vow to  contribute to the world bringing our ideas into fruition and execute them with Love, passion and compassion.

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Join us and co-create a movement of profitable natural living ‘from the heart”.

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