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The best fundraising idea your non-profit can find might be be right in your supporters’ backyards!

Jan Hutchins Olga Kostrova Yard Venture sustainability public speakers

Inspire your supporters – donors and volunteers to use their land (backyards) as a fundraising gold mine, and for some – to increase their family income.

YardVenture provides opportunities for non-profits to grow their donations.

Let’s do the math:

Let’s say 100 of your supporters typically donate $5,000/year to your organization.

Now imagine, they instead invest $5,000 in young trees and grow them in backyard nurseries. When mature, you and your team can sell the trees for $10,000 and double their donation.  If all 100 participate in the YardVenture for Fundraising program  you can add $500,000 of ADDITIONAL revenue from inspiring your donors to take advantage of the program we offer. Plus they enjoy many of YardVenture’s benefits for households.

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