Nursery on AutoPilot

You love the idea of a “yard venture” as a lucrative landscaping alternative and have a great yard for it but don’t have the time or interest to run a nursery yourself?

YardVenture offers an option of Nursery on AutoPilot and can do almost all the work for you:

  • Handle the design
  • Select the plants
  • Install the design of your choice
  • Provide regular care and maintenance
  • Have one of our master gardeners teach your family member(s) gardening skills
  • Prepare plants and trees to give to the charity of your choice to sell, or to community organizations to plant on public lands

fundraising product for charities nursery plants trees gardening amke money flowers pots potted 2Basically, the community uses your land and financial resources to support its cause. You “Set it and forget it” and still benefit from:

  • Tax advantages
  • Increased value of your property as we refresh your yard with gorgeous landscapes
  • Satisfaction from giving valuable plants to your favorite cause or community project
  • Joy in knowing your family member(s) are learning valuable skills

Contact us to discuss how we can turn your otherwise underutilized yard into a Nursery on AutoPilot.