Unite the family

Profit, pleasure and education come from gardening together in your backyard nursery.

unite families gardening organic gardens children education YardVenture not only helps families cover the cost of having a beautifully landscaped home, the process is actually interesting enough to bring the family together around something other than TV, tables and cell phones. Gardening, and all the physical activity that goes along with it, leads to weight loss and better overall physical health… and can generate enough profit to offset the costs of college education for children and grandchildren.




  • Learn and pass to their children and grandchildren new skills around which they might choose to build a career:

–  Agriculture Expert. It might become the next in-demand job, as we already observe the need for optimization of resources and better utilization of commercial lands.
Artist & Craftsmen. Together with your children you can explore the world of garden arts and crafts and have fun creating unique pots and containers, restoring old furniture to incorporate in the garden, adding décor elements, structures etc. Who knows, maybe you will grow a Van Gogh, Kors or Picasso, right in your backyard – pun intended  :) or a Pollock or Maloof of new furniture brands.
Landscape Designer. The artist within us will always want to make visual improvements to our garden, introducing innovative design elements, rearranging plants, and creating new environments. It will create transferable skills that can be utilized to add new revenue streams to your business.
Master Gardener. The demand for organic food grows, along with demand for permaculture experts, which open the door for your little consultants to travel the world and share their expertise helping others.
Business Owner. Profit, loss, investment, teamwork, creativity, accounting, marketing, advertising, sales, all the business skills can be learned operating a yard venture.

  • Experience improved the health for all family members – lowered cholesterol, reduced risk of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases:

–     Researchers at the University of Arkansas found that women involved in yard work and other types of gardening exercises had lower rates of osteoporosis than joggers, swimmers, and women who did aerobics.
–     A field of medicine called horticultural therapy has been developed to help people who have psychiatric disorders deal with their conditions. Studies of people with dementia and anxiety have found that gardening helps calm their agitation, leading to better sleep patterns and improved quality of rest.

unite families gardening organic gardens 1Those who garden:

  • Have significantly higher levels of optimism, calmness and strength than non-gardeners
  • Experience the wonders of nature, surrounding themselves with beautiful blooming trees and herbs
  • Develop respect for food. They get to eat fresh organic food that tastes DELICIOUS and cost a fraction of what you pay in a grocery store for produce treated with pesticides or GMO fruits and veggies
  • Experience relaxation, enjoyment and reduced stress
  • Learn about natural growing processes
  • Experience mental stimulation and gain knowledge and expertise
  • Spend quality time building relationships

Join us and co-create a movement of profitable natural living ‘from the heart” of your own yard.

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